Connectedness – the power of social media and smiles from Gower



The power of social media smiles from Gower.

After chitchatting to fellow networker, Nathalie Jamois, at silly hours this morning, I woke up to this:

#Gower ‘dawn ’til dusk’ by local photographer Alun Morris Jones and I fall in love again with Gower. This video covers nearly every inch of sand, sky, rock, surf and views. Miles and miles of coastline, I have clocked up since I could walk.

Being the youngest of three children, I frequently got my brother to give me a ‘piggy back’ to the top of the Cliffs. Then when I was too tired to take another step, there was always that promise of an ice cream, if I kept going until we reached the top.

A wonderful gift to send him, years later, my brother now a retired doctor and you.


Thank you Alun Morris Jones for tweeting this absolutely amazing photography. A work of art, a gift and for making my morning truely awesome.

I’d love him to capture KC Louis skipping over the Golf links next time?

Who inspires you to aspire?

Do you re-energise your clients?

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