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Coming Home

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

A preview sent to my Inbox.

The Soldiers are about to make history by becoming the first group of serving, British soldiers to have a hit album! Listening to this moving piece of music for me says

‘You are home with us’


This Single available from Oct 6th in aid of the Army Benevolent Fund x.



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The Optimism Factor

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009



You’ve either got it or you haven’t!

And I am on this young Man, Pharrell Williams  team.

While looking for my favourite ‘ Too Much Fun For One’ tshirt I came across this one..

and it made me


Spread a bit of  happiness – Love this!  Happy


How do you re-energise your connections?

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Beyond The Social Media Ego

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Tom Ford, a well know celebrity and suit designer comes across as being not all about externals, as his latest film ‘A Single Man’ portrays, starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore (who does a very sexy shimmy in her LBD). This trailer goes beyond the surfaces of designer wear and highlights the complex weave of relationships.



Last Wednesday,  I was invited by Nick Tadd ( I so love his name and style) present his refreshing take on Social Media for Businesses. He was sponsored by Business scene and dazzled his Swansea audience with his assured and convincing social media presentation

When I arrived home, having spent some precious moments with Nick and his hugely capable and supportive wife, Vanessa Warwick and BusinessScene  guru, Warren Cass my social media network had come alive.

Group Dynamics

When you face 21st Century twittering and SEO’s and being social media savvy you face your demons.   In any network we always have an array of personalities traits.  There are some extroverts, who seemingly can take up the limelight, while those who prefer working behind the scenes, to ensure all goes well are ‘doers’.  Then you have those who are ‘deep thinkers’ and prefer to be heard rather than seen.  It’s knowing we have support behind the scenes, to make sure the presentations tick over and again to rely on those ‘doers’ who clear the venue, when all is over, that matters. The academics among us, like to absorb and give scientific research to the problems we face.

I drove a power boat and power jet ski for the first time recently, to conquer my fears. Spending time alongside my paratrooper son and his colleagues, experiencing the dynamics of his paratrooper family, so that I, at least am able to understand that ‘leap of faith’ they experience when they jump out of a Hercules, or get picked up in a Chinook which can ‘on screen’ look like a Dinky toy!  We need time to get to know and trust our colleagues, so that in our moment of weakness, we can rely on not being made to feel inadequate or weak. We are merely on our journey. Getting close to eachother being vulnerable and sharing those fears, those moments, those needs we all have, takes time.  And we do all need to have those moments to adjust before we  feel whole. Having that time to bond.

We need to go beyond our social media ego for that light bulb to switch on.  By listening and feeling the pulse, we reach out to so many new connections and possible new customers.  Our audiences are made up of potential customers. Connecting with them and feeling their stories we honour their journey.

Have you heard any sizzling social media presentations recently?

How do you energise your social media connections?
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Can’t Dance?

Sunday, September 6th, 2009


Can’t Dance?

What exercises have I done since I could walk and still do? I reckon there are two clips that would explain it better for me.

Here goes, are you ready for this?

Sadie Murray Go Girl, eat your heart out! 😉  Enjoy.

Sponge Bob – Pump It!

Wow!! I just love motivational blogs.

1987 This song brings back fond memories, of my days training with the London Central YMCA, Training and Development Department.

I trained with the best Exercise Educational Presenters at Tottenham Court Road, promoting the ‘Teaching the Teachers’  the exercise education accreditation for England and Wales.

Piano In the Dark – Brenda Russell – This lady is a class act. ( This was the ‘cooldown’ track, I selected for my exam piece.)

A blast from the past. I look back with undiminished passion and enthusiasm and gratitude for those GEMS.

How the years have changed the image of exercise to music and style. But how that spirit and flame is still burning brighter than ever.

What changes do you see in the way you now work? And how would you get back in touch with the ‘fun child’ in you?



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Sunday, September 6th, 2009


Hot Legs

What stimulates you to regain your Spick Sparkle for the start of a New week after your summer break?
Inevitably last week consultation’s included people who want to regain their energy, stamina fitness, shape and vigour having returned from their summer holidays. Now this follows their LifestyleOnline contract programme which includes Circuits, Nutritional Good Foods, and Stress Management which embraces Rest, Relaxation and Meditation.

So when everyone returns from their favourite destinations Spain, Italy, Turkey, Mauritius, Florida, Greece, Goa to name but a few, everything seems to go Pear Shape! 

Now I am not a teetotaller but when it comes to Binge drinking on holidays it would be reasonable to say if we tank it up, we probably would be lying around the following day to recover. The calories consumed while ‘tanking it up’ means we then generally wear them around our Middle! Now I enjoy swimming and exploring the country while abroad “soaking up the sun” and naturally those aware hydrate and can be seen carrying around bottles of water.

What stimulates you to Keep in Shape? Is it the thought of wearing a Bikini, Speedos, Shorts, your forever in blue jeans or having enough energy to visit places like this? …..

Enjoy the weekend and it’s HERE!!

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Forever In Blue Jeans

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Do you fit into your business and personal life like a glove or is it a tight squeeze and a strain?  Summer holidays are closing and most people are back at work.


Do you work to live or do you live to work?

Do you have a healthy strategy built into your working life?

Do you live forever in blue jeans?

Do you add a Smile?




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