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Lifestyle and Wellbeing in Mumbles – OceanLiving

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Advocates for Lifestyle and Wellbeing?

Yesterday I was invited by Simon Jones Wiz and his lovely wife Yovina to the opening of OceanLiving situated opposite Verdi’s, the popular ice cream meeting place in Mumbles. Whenever I visit Mumbles (home of Catherine Zeta-Jones) on foot or in the car I Smile! as scenes from the comedy series ‘Mine all Mine’ starring Griff Jones go flashing through my mind. Mumbles has a huge connection with the RNLI and the Mumbles Lifeboat house and Lighthouse being an historic landmark for Swansea.

This luxury Care Home is run by family friends – the Thorburns and was opened by Swansea’s Lord Mayor yesterday. The connection – This Senior Care Home embraces the whole Lifestyle and Wellbeing ethos.

During my ecademy Wellbeing Cafe TwoCann event in May, I introduced ecademist Simon and his wife Yovina, to Gloria and Jay Thorburn. Simon had expressed a desire to come and live in Cardiff/Swansea. Naturally I twisted his arm about my passion for the Gower and they decided to move here a few weeks ago!! Yovina got an interview with the Thorburns and yesterday was part of the family ‘opening ceremony’. The feature will appear in the Evening Post.

Imagine Simon and I overlooking the fabulous Sea views privy to the Senior residents of Oceanliving . The Thorburns with their sister Hawthorn Court Residential Home, Tycoch since 1991, have a long experience to draw upon.

Advocates for Lifestyle and Wellbeing? A wonderful new chapter in Social Media Belonging 

I am off to get my wet suit again!!

Carolyn Keeping you fighting fit for your business

Close The Door

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Carolyn Williams on 17-Aug-09 12:45pm

Close the Door – ‘If I ever write a diet book” Optimising through laughter


Was sent this Clip by Stan Wright who adores Teddy Pendergrass Soul music and felt an Inch Loss message coming on!

Does this message help motivate you to do something about your weight, size and shape? And what’s the best Clip Message you’ve been sent?

Carolyn, Who made you smile today? 

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Be Inspirational

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Be Inspirational! The word inspired comes from the Latin ‘inspirtitus’ (literally in spirit! ) Inspiration’s often something we recognise in others, but it’s also something that has potential in all of us. When we come across something inspiring there’s a connection between what we think and what we know (the head) with what we feel or intuit (the heart) And when the two come together it can create a powerfrul connection – all of a sudden you just know you have to do something. Join me and learn more about the seven traits of inspirational people.

#SwanseaSmiles – Carolyn and John invite you to bring out your inner and outer smiles
Join us for #SwanseaSmiles on Aug 21st 3.00pm – 6.30pm at Cafe TwoCann Swansea

Cafe TwoCann

Where we will be combining  Carolyn’s individual style of coaching work, that encourages that inner Smile with John’s ability to capture your personality and outer smile. No obligation to buy whatsoever, you decide after we’ve captured the real personality within you. Great networking & great fun with bags of smiles & personality thrown in.
Price 15.00 GBP includes entry fee, light snack and refreshments. Book here or at


CG Jung states that “‘ We are attracted to those people with traits that we wish to further grow for ourselves”  ‘I gotta a feeling’ 


CG Jung states that “‘ We are attracted to those people with traits that we wish to further grow for ourselves”

Who made you smile today?  Carolyn

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Pushing Buttons – It’s Time to Kick Ass!!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Pushing Buttons

Two great blogs in 2 days What is the biggest public health problem of the 21st century? and it coincided with reading an article from my Fitness Professional Journal, called ‘Be Inspirational’ – Inspiring others is one of the most rewarding achievements. Is it something you can learn or do you already have it? Or is it something you would like to develop?? I wear more than one Professional hat – the others being Health Care Counseling and Customer Care. I consider all these badges to be a wonderful combination in delivering Corporate Wellbeing and Life Coaching individuals, largely busy Executives.

Part of my ecademy mail includes some lovely nudges, jibes and banter from some very lively connections. One contact known to many as a great contributor on Cricket Forums and Clubs is Milton Rodriques. Yesterday I received this message from Milton, jibing me about not keeping up with the Athletic Greats namely Usain Bolt the current 100m Olympic Champion and World Record holder.
adding that I seem to favour Rugby – Too Right I do, I am Welsh!! But Milton, we also produce Great athletes in Wales namely ‘Lynn the Leap’ Davies and so many, too numerous to mention, current record holders in both swimming, cycling and Athletics!!

If you work for as many years with a MultiNational Automotive Company – you wise up to an independant ‘feel’ for all Sports!!
I naturally was attracted to and have a huge appetite for Sport Cars and of course Speed, Skill and Endurance and Quality – do I sound like a well known car advert? Have you done Paul Simister’s Sport Car Quiz? Yep. he had me too!

My exchange with Milton was about Athletics and Sport being wonderful for team spirit and competitive health. He wrote..’Played Hockey against both Cardiff & UWIST universities- we used to beat them all the time in my 1st Year at Swansea.Also, played for the Punjabi Dragons – a Sikh team IN Cardiff – we used to come up against teams like Llandaff, & beat them ! SPORTS is great for FAIRPLAY, COMPETITIVENESS & HEALTH – as I tell my 2 Boys’

You can bet Milton is a great Role Model and is highly competitive!!!

Then he added his comments, as did I and many others, to Alan Rae’s and Mehmet’s Blog
Re Politicians ‘Don’t expect them to empower you to be Healthy Also, look at all the unhealthy looking MPs & Lords who sit in Parliament !( Overweight, Stressed-Out, Pale – not tanned by & large, & fiddling their expenses..

Empowerment lives at home with each of us. Nurturing and given the right choices as young children, which in my view, includes:-

Love in the Home
Family Values and Ethics
A Good Standard of Education
Good Food – Quality Meals
Personal Development
Job Prospects & A Good Career
Oh I forgot, my son gave me this one in the ribs yesterday – ‘some useful information about the Birds and Bees!!!’

In 2009, I would add to this list from the Job prospect and career front, young individuals, in particular from Wales, are being heavily recruited to the Armed forces and I SEE this as a huge Health warning. Modern warfare is creating neurological, physical, emotional and mental illhealth for years to come. Not Good News or Good Health for the future.

On Alan’s Blog earlier, I asked these question to you all….
Where is the true healing in families? Who delivers it? Where is the true healing in schools? Who delivers it? Where is the true healing in Faith? Who delivers it? Where is true healing in Justice and Punishment? Who delivers it? Where is the healing in the Medical and Alternative Profession? Who delivers it? Who embraces Good Health? Why do we need to be healthy?
Who controls all theses facilities and services? Surely Good Health belongs at home and with every individual? Good Health belongs in the Work Place, as most working Adults spend most of their life and hours in work.

Stan ‘the Man’ Wright added this yesterday’ If I can make one person smile a day then at least I have accomplished something.
Stan has borrowed my #SwanseaSmiles  strapline there.  Anyway he continues…’ I like to put my money where my mouth is, so I’m off to the gym now with number 3 son American Football Player and medical student, to give my muscle memory some exercise!’ Here is another Dad who as a Role Model – He Does it!!

Want Changes? Exercise your choices? We still do have choices. Thank God!

It’s a Wake Up Call. It’s time to kick arse!!! I borrowed Stan’s ‘I’ll go 1- 5 rounds of Kick Boxing’ line’

Carolyn, Who made you smile today?

Keeping you fighting fit for your business

Think Of Becoming The Best

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Who made you smile today?

The following Gifts I receive every day are two fold. Here are a few to share with you ….
Some examples of how Wellbeing Branding and Architecture come together and make a Beautiful thing!

Sadie Murray
Thoughts become things. . .so think of becoming the best

Kutay F. Helvacioglu

Taj Mahal, in north of india ( agra), The Temple of Love.

Unforgetable – Nat King Cole

Unforgetable – Nat King Cole

Nighet Nasim Riaz

Nighet sent me this message ‘ Love reading your blogs, they do bring a smile to my face as they are so positive and make you approach a problem with a ‘can-do’ attitude. Have a wonderful week ahead’.

Bring your HeadShot  Network and Eat – Friday Aug 21st at Cafe TwoCann and find your Inner Smile. #Swansea Smiles

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Swansea Smiles

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

My signature has now well and truly stuck to me. So it’s no surprise that I can get ‘lit up’ when I see some familiar #Smiles, daily flashing through my Home page, on ecademy.

I posted this Women through the Ages Video Clip, earlier this week from the
Capturing those classic images through the Ages, is in my humble opinion, a Work of Art.

On ecademy, I am privileged to connect with so many wonderful Smiley faces but there is one in particular who stands out showing her inner Sparkle Recognise her?


My individual style of coaching work, encourages that inner Smile, as most of you are now familiar with my Signature.


Carolyn Williams, helping you to re-energise for your business.

Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners and entrepreneurs to help raise their profiles online.

I mentor business people and help them improve their focus, energy and clarity for new business.


Imagine life without?…

Monday, August 3rd, 2009


What if you never blogged or had all those lovely friends you’ve made on ecademy, face book or twitter?
Imagine life without your loved one or your pet dog/cat also inspires thankfulness and awe.
Does the idea of not having experienced surprise and mystery make the prospect of falling in love or discovering Social Media for the first time, fill you with such immense gratitude and awe? Not having stumbled upon
Word Press or Works of Art heightens your desire for novelty and challenge?

I received this lovely link a gift from one new ecademy connection yesterday. Imagine I had never received such a fantastic site, sight or gift?
Imagine  not knowing love? Having it all without knowing love is that what it’s all cracked up to mean?

What would you wish for?


Carolyn,  Keeping you fighting fit for your business