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Asking For Help.

Thursday, July 30th, 2009



‘Help’ sung by the Beatles was a smash hit. In those days they rolled one hit out after the other. Today, I read a wonderful article about how difficult it is to ask for help?

Today as our culture becomes more and more entrenched in being Independent and yet not so far away there are school leavers, young graduates, middle aged and old struggling through mounting debts, struggling to pay mortgages, rent and bills through lack of jobs. How far do we need to go down the road before we need to ask for help? As a divorced single parent, I learnt the lessons some years ago on humility with dignity.

Here are some of my ideas to help us through some difficult changes. To help us grow through the changes.

Do Good and Feel Good.

Face your fears – You can grow through them! Write down a list of what help you need.
Talk over your fears with people who care for you and are trustworthy..
Stop blaming everyone else. See changes as a challenge. Take on the challenge.
Be Pro Active.
Eat well. You can’t get over your fears if you have bad habits, especially when it comes to food.
Start eating healthy today and fuel your body for fear-busting. Have patience. You’ll get there
Take in plenty of fresh air. Walks in the Parks at lunchtimes.
Get together with friends, networks and form buddy support groups..
Write down your plan. Keeping a notebook of ideas, lists and goals is great for overcoming fears. It’s fun to cross off your accomplishments too.
Smile if only it is at yourself in the mirror. It’s good for you.
Enjoy fun and laughter – Pets and Children are great tonics!

Finding out all over again what we are good at and supporting each other, through changes in both work and life, can only be good for the spirit. Giving and Receiving, Serving and Volunteering. ‘Do Good and Feel Good’
What kind of help do you need?

And finally to thank our family and friends and colleagues who do help and make us feel good.  Thank you ecademy owners for this platform in being able to connect with so many others.

Who made you smile today? Here is another.

Warm Wishes, Carolyn

Smiley Sticky Notes!!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Carolyn Williams on 29-Jul-09 12:12pm

Busy theme Contd.

If I want to catch the attention of a Busy Manager…Executive..Director I usually add ……
this …> …………to my Sticky Note!

o4u5tutith9hujh9tihuir.gif picture by lifecoaching


EepyBird’s Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.

Hooray! for Smiley sticky notes.

Keeping you fighting fit for your business
EepyBird’s Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.

Are We Obsessed With Being Busy?

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Busy Bee Pictures, Images and Photos

Kari Henley wrote ‘While we may want to slow down, most of us cannot shut the madness off. It is as if our collective CPU’s are running on overdrive, and our brains are whirring like the fans behind the home computer on a hot day. We are working harder, faster and without stopping for so long, the idea of just shutting down is barely comprehensible’.

How do you combat being “Busy” these days? We connect on Facebook, Linkedin, Friendfeed, Bebo and the likes.
I know we are all … ‘ searching for connection. We want connection to people – ourselves, our family, our community, our friends, – to food, to place (where we live), and to life. We want connection to all that it means to live – we want to live a connected life’

Kari Henley.. continues .. …
“Americans in the 21st Century devote more technology to staying connected than any society in history, yet somehow the devices fail us: studies show that we feel increasingly alone,” they write. “Unfortunately, talking about loneliness in America is deeply stigmatized; we see ourselves as a self-reliant people who do not whine about neediness.”

In my work here in the UK I too see this …
‘Clients are coming with a powerful experience of loneliness, yet it is a state they barely recognize, and are reluctant to share, as if it were somehow shameful. It is more acceptable to be depressed than to be lonely-yet loneliness appears to be the inevitable byproduct of our frenetic contemporary lifestyle’.

If you’re NOT busy, are you a loser, or in a slump?

Last night at 10pm I joined @AskSharifah on her wonderful BlogRado Show for an hour with her American BlogRadio listeners giving hints and Tips for that extra #Sparkle in Business. An invite from Sharifah in addressing that obsession we have with ‘being busy’. One of my intentions is to help you Keep that Sparkle. To encourage that connective Sparkle, I have invited John Cassidy @UKHeadshots to capture SwanseaSmiles on camera. I met John during my Amazing #twunch date at Oriels in Chelsea, where we had fun exchanging power words with Tantalizing Thomas!

John’s power words were *Inspiring and *Confidence and mine *Aspiring and *Sparkling. I then set up a #Twunch Club so that people could meet and connect over ‘Twunch. Hopefully that bonding session will encourage you to have fun in sharing your desires and aspirations. I’d like to inspire you and capture that #Sparkle. Capturing those ‘moments’ on camera is something I have discussed with John. Hopefully you will get an opportunity to Sparkle at my next SwanseaSmiles on Aug 21st.

Who made you smile today? Carolyn


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Keep Your #Sparkle

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Read this lovely How to reclaim your time courtesy of Nigel_Morgan Pr earlier.
It included this catch phrase Weary Wonks!!!

So let’s start the day Sparkling!
Reply to your e-mails! Clear out the Files! Clear out the Draws! Clear out the Mind!
Write your list for today! And do what Paratroopers do every day ….> Have that leap of faith!

Fly me to the Moon 


I hope you can all join me tonight at 10pm  …> ‘Keep Your Sparkle With Lifestyle  On show by Ask Sharifah on #BlogTalkRadio –

Enjoy a fantastic Monday!

Who made you smile today?  Incase you missed it! Optimising Laughter
Keeping you fighting fit for your business

Ways to tackle poor self-image – the FFF factor!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009


Tuesday was my usual  busy day,  ‘on site’ starting with checking the gym facility and equipment.  The biggest success, in terms of a piece of equipment, besides dumb-bells, is the dual cable machine.  I coach using a   ‘cross mixture’  of circuit exercises – 10 or 20 minute blasts, followed by a ‘ be nice to yourself’  warm down.

The more I work alongside, rehabilitation specialists, osteopaths and physiotherapists, the more I get employees and professionals to work on postural corrections.


Today I want to look at a real life consultation.

A few months ago, a young employee was telling me he suffered from achilles tendonitis and was piling on the weight. I arranged for him to see a recommended Podiatrist.

Understanding that breaking old familiar habits is hard.  He then decided to seek outside nutritional help,  Here he was, back in his workplace gymnasium, pulling his cables and resisting his recovery.  Yes, resisting the inevitable, frustrated by his poor self-image.  With some clever questioning techniques, I understood that since his childhood days, he had suffered from poor self-image.

Let’s look at the FFF factor.

Tackle your fears, your frustrations. What would you do with your time if you were not constantly focused on food and body fat?

Poor self-images are made up of attitudes, beliefs and old habits formed in childhood. They subtly and powerfully shape our bodies, our self-image and the way we relate to food and life in general.

The problem is not your will but your deep-seated attitudes about who you are and can be. To be successful at breaking out of the frustrated box you will need
courage to face some fears.


4. Resistance to breaking your childhood habit when your tackling your fat-box.

How much fun are you missing by constantly focusing on your fat box?

How many F’s do you have to tackle to be who you want to be today?

The privilege of  a lifetime is being who you are!’ 


A   Star on the Staples Stage.  Michael Jackson had plucked out our local, talented singer from Youtube and last night millions watched as Shaheen Jafargholi Swansea  was invited to sing at Michael Jackson’s tribute.


Carolyn, helping you to re-energise for your business.




Are you involved with #followfriday in your social media network?

Friday, July 3rd, 2009


Morning campers, Hi di hi!!

So having replied to Mehmet’s social networking health warning and recovered  from RSI, my tweet itch and bout of extra facebook itch, here is my question to you,

How involved are you on #followfriday in your social networks?

Do you really know who tweets you?.

Do you really know which members your trying to attract?

Are you random, open  and supportive even? ( Wash my mouth out with soap and water)

Before you comment on blogs do you think about the author first or last?

I can only give you my experience to date, If you live in or around London, it’s easier to meet.  I did meet one of my favourite ecademy bloggers, Mike Shraga and his lovely wife Fiona,  face to face.  If you live ‘across the Severn bridge’  not a great deal of open, social media networking was happening during 2008.  I’m happy to say social media events are just beginning to get exciting here, in Wales.


Right, Im off  can’t hang about here I may rot!
Trainers on,  Agnes – Release Me in my ears, I am taking this office outside.




Carolyn, helping you to re-energise for your business.



Social Media You asking?

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009



The scene – a tweet up conversation with a PR specialist from my online social media business network.  Our conversation starts with me being asked – ‘Do you have a twitter business strategy?  Then another question “is your username registered on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google?’  My reply, ‘Are you dancing?’    The sound of a smirk, then a giggle, followed by that notorious chat up line, ‘Are you asking?’   Waiting patiently for a reply, I heard the response was ‘yes’ so added “‘then I am dancing”.  Who said ‘The old ones are the best?’


Scent of a woman


It’s like any collaboration; you wouldn’t necessarily dance with a cold wet fish!  I’d want to dance with someone who has rhythm and charisma.  I can hear the hard-nosed connections among you ask “What does all that ‘ tango dancing’ stuff got to do with social media?”    Well, there is an art to engaging on social media networks.  Giving respect by listening to the other person, while you’re both engaged in a conversation. Reading the signals before interrupting and before sweeping the other person off their feet!  It’s about trust in dialogue and respect about what really is being said.  That crucial exchange of information before deciding to do business.


Let’s face it, would you buy a home from someone you only met once, after window gazing at a City Estate Agents?   Hopefully you would have asked some searching questions first.  Would I want to dance with a cold wet fish?  Hum!





Carolyn, helping you to re-energise for your business.

You’re a Star!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009


It’s fess up time again and here are three different wellbeing updates from Carolyn’s Inbox. Back from the workplace and I wanted to share this compliment, I received yesterday. It’s one that melts the heart. The type of reward that says “you’re hitting the target, the heart and mind”.

It is the heart and mind that drives any business and I am privileged to be able to tap into that heart and mind to help release that awful distress, that stops us from being able to see a light at the end of that dark tunnel.


A  lovely gentleman, in obvious distress through pain and lack of sleep, was referred to me by the company’s physiotherapists.  He was expecting me to pummel him into the ground through a painstaking gym programme.   Instead I asked him, a few searching questions,  to find out what was causing this man so much distress.  It turned out he suffered chronic pain through years of needing corrective spinal surgery.  I took time to work through his stages from birth, the effects of his spinal malfunction.  His life was taken up with surgery, treatment and pain leading to more pain and eventually alcohol. I listened carefully and then looked at a realistic action plan. A priority for me was a referral to a highly recommended osteopath. Secondly, a coaching session which allowed him to shout out  ‘ I am fed up and I have lost confidence in my health care’  followed by a gentle introduction to warming up exercises and stretches.  Bingo! after 3-4 weeks, he came to see me yesterday in less pain, having received three osteopathy sessions and ‘combined confidence’ coaching through my method.  A result!  He felt much better and had more confidence.  As he left he kept saying to me ‘You’re a Star!  Thank you

Another email I received from an ecademy connection went like this, Unfortunately everything’s out of kilter at the moment. I’m  drafting a grant funding bid for a project to employ brain injured people and others with chronic conditions, which has to be finished this weekend

My reply – Let me help you regain your kilter?  The term ‘chronic’ is something I understand full well.

And another went like this  ‘Thank you for another message. You’re sweet! ‘  ‘I sure did enjoy reading your blog. I now look forward to reading your next one’.

It’s the hope restored you gleam from these feedbacks. The replies are not always complimentary but still valuable information pieces that say, you’re either doing something well or not so good.


Carolyn, helping you to re-energise for your business.