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Social media ‘Doing an Oliver Twist!’

Monday, June 29th, 2009


New times new changes.


New networking methods. Growth by sharing is a social medium to be understood and valued.


My message to any new at creating a social media profile is:

Believe in who you are and share through any medium available both online and offline.

Learn new skills.  Watch the masters and interact daily with those that wish to share their expertise in an open way.  The internet gives you the ability to be online or offline – use it!


An age when business was done organisationally, business to business, in a closed selective and controlling way is coming to an end. Networking, delivering business person to person, in an open, random, and supportive way is here and the early adopters of that thinking are winning out.


Last night after a most wonderful impromptu Sunday, I twittered to a smart lady who achieved over 3,000 contacts by merely ‘Doing an Oliver Twist!’ Using her twitter 140 characters and asking for more. Her tweet went like this:  “10, 9, 8, 7 contacts are needed to reach my 3,000 target. Can you help?”


I am getting much better traffic to my website through my weblog, thanks to the help given by Simon Jones Web Wizard currently but still need to turn these ‘hits’ into real customers. Last night with this in mind, I tasked myself, as I always do. I twittered easily to this American lady, as her manner was open and helpful. Her 140 characters said ‘If you need more traffic, more customers I can help?’


Love it!  Indeed with the grace and ease she looked at my website, weblog articles and came back with a starter action plan.  So go on Just Do it!  Ask for help.  Ask for more help!  Get twittering, blogging, meet ‘face to face’ and grow by sharing.

Carolyn, helping you to re-energise for your business.

Twunch Club

Thursday, June 25th, 2009


The first of many #twunches hopefully, happened this Tuesday.
What an amazing impromptu twunch date 23/06/09. Melting the walls down!

Venue Oriel Sloane Square

Twunch – A unique opportunity in getting to know ‘one on one’ over twunch.

A time for connecting to each other as people and collaborating on personal and professional growth together. Through getting to know one and another better, we understand the wider interests of each connection. Continuing from a dialogue from the heart to the head theme between Penny Power and Andrew Ballenthin who wrote

‘By experimenting with smaller audiences and putting energy into creating dialogues with your audience you are less likely to waste time prospecting and more certain of generating opportunities because it’s no longer push communication, it’s about interaction which is the precursor to a transaction’.

I have always loved the buzz of London for training energy but equally love Swansea, for the healing powers of the beautiful Gower coastline.

“Being the change you want to see in the world”

So I will start by reconstructing yesterday’s twunch ‘twitter style’  brain storming scene – getting to know ‘one on one’ over twunch.

Here are the attendees …
Thomas Power
Mike Shraga
Fiona Shraga
Carolyn Williams
Mike Magic Seagull

Dianna Bonner
John Cassidy
Wayne Conyers who gave his sincere apologies, due to ‘last minute work hiccups’.

However Wayne kept us ‘ in the loop ‘ through his endless e-mails, text, calls from the workplace!

Thomas asked us to think of two power words that told everyone who we were.  He then suggested we think about how joining ecademy had changed our lives.

We continued like this.  I started by adding my ‘two’ descriptive words for Thomas were;

  • Tantalizing Power
  • Generating Power
  • Igniting Power /Igniting People and this led to others joining in..
  • Transforming Lives
  • Power Source
  • Powering People
  • Generating Family
  • Generating Friendships
  • Dynamic Family – I love this one!


Evolving Family –  Maybe you can add some more power words?



Carolyn, helping you to re-energise for your business.


Spick and Sparkling for Monday morning?

Monday, June 22nd, 2009



Caswell.jpg Caswell Bay picture by lifecoaching


Since 2001 I have worked some hours online!


There’s no doubt learning to meditate and being next to nature ( as often as you can ) helps you grow online in business.


What do you do, to help energise yourself  for your business?


Have you smiled today?


Carolyn, helping you to re-energise for your business.


Sparkle Zest Confidence for Business

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Do you have a zest for life? Are you adventurous and free spirited? Do you go with the flow?

Helping you sparkle, with increased confidence, through improved wellbeing and energy for your business?

One of the most ticked boxes questions from my fitness goal planner is ‘How can I have more energy?’

Here are just a few tips.

1. Wake up, sleepy head!
Unsurprisingly, lack of sleep is the most common cause of low energy, so try and get between seven and eight hours sleep a night. You can help yourself get a good night’s sleep by keeping to a pattern of going to sleep and waking up at the same time, whether you’re tired or not and making sure your bedroom is the right temperature and not too noisy. A good sleep is should be like a good meal, leaving you satisfied and happy with just enough room for a little bit more.

2. Don’t skip breakfast
Breakfast recharges your batteries and kick-starts your body and mind for the day ahead, then people wonder why they feel so sluggish when they miss it. If you don’t feel like eating first thing in the morning, have a glass of energy-boosting fresh fruit juice. Too rushed to eat? Try munching on fruit, oatcakes or cereal bars – anything you can eat on the go.

3. Move it!
Put a spring in your step. Just 15 minutes of exercise can make a huge difference to your energy levels. Too busy to exercise? Try walking that extra stop to the bus, taking the stairs instead of the lift or going for a brisk walk during your lunch break.

4. Breathe easy?
Feel like you are rushing around with no time to breathe? Stop panting and take a deep breath of fresh air. By not taking in enough oxygen, energy levels drop dramatically and this can even cause slight dizziness. Stop what you are doing and take five deep breaths. Breathe in through the nose for the count of three and then exhale for six. Do this daily for an energy lift.

5. Make like a cat and stretch
Feeling creaky? Stretching is one of the easiest ways to release tension and boost energy. Stretching for two to three minutes will loosen your muscles, ease joints and allow blood to flow more easily around your body. Whether you’re at your desk, at home or stuck in traffic, stretching as many parts of your body as possible will give you more energy and help relax you at the same time.

6. Remember to have lot’s of fun!


Carolyn, helping you to re-energise for your business.


#Oi Smile it’s Saturday

Saturday, June 13th, 2009


Now that I have my very own FB username: Lifestyle Online, thanks to Thomas Power and Jan Mulder pointing out the right url, what more could I possibly want in life?

What if I add this hashtag #Oi! Smile to my signature?


What do you, in the ‘open office’ think?

#Oi smile here is my Saturday tune Pussycat Dolls Slum Dog Millionaire ”Jai Ho”   from the hit movie, Slumdog Ar Rehman Oscar winner

Enjoy a lovely weekend.



Carolyn Williams. Breathing new life into business.  I drive new leads, followers and advocates online for small business owners & entrepreneurs to boost revenue.



Breathing for Business




Social Media Well-being?

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009


Just dropping in to say Hello to all my friends on Facebook.


Are you all good?


I have been busy writing up social media tweets at home and well-being articles.


I used to post several articles for the Inch Loss Club, Well-being Club and let’s hear it for the open office on, the online social media business network

The question I want to ask you is;


Is there a place for social media well-being?



Happy  exercising



Remember to eat lots of scrummy vegetables




Let’s hear it from you sparklers. Do you want to feel more alert and alive?





Carolyn Williams. Breathing new life into business.  I drive new leads, followers and advocates online for small business owners & entrepreneurs to boost revenue.



Breathing for Business


Body Fat Loss

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

 To understand body fat loss we all need to look at the following list:


Body Fat loss is not about one factor alone.  In order to achieve it we need to take a closer look at our lifestyles:

  • Eating  junk food which is highly processed and includes high fat levels and high sugar and high salt levels
  • Our blood type
  • Our genetics
  • Our body type
  • Our cholesterol
  • Our activities or more importantly our lack of activities both in work and at home
  • Our medication to treat symptoms like blood pressure, diabetes, stomach acid problems
  • Our health status
  • Our injuries
  • Our back pain
  • Our calories  including alcohol ( Beer, Lager and spirit Calories )
  • Toxins


Last but not least our ‘mental health’



Carolyn Williams. Breathing new life into business.  I drive new leads, followers and advocates online for small business owners & entrepreneurs to boost revenue.



Breathing for Business