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Injured major reaches £1m target

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009



My red ribbon sparkly star 




At a time when MP’s are shuffling to regain their dignity during the ongoing expenses fiasco, here is someone who shines and sparkles, telling us all, that it takes guts and determination to make a million to help others.



Here’s to all the sparkly stars.



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Wellness in the Work Place

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009


As everyone strives for better living standards it would seem physical, emotional, and mental health suffer.  My most common consultations are in connection with obesity, muscular skeletal problems and lack of self-esteem.



Here is the case that simplifies what we all thrive on and that is the warm ‘good’ feelings,  something that is so lacking in today’s hectic pace of work and life.




The Case
A healthy workforce is vital to any Companies prospects and competitiveness in the market place. Action can help ensure the people that are risk of unemployment due to health or health related problems are given the onsite help and support they need to maintain employment. The greatest asset of any Company is its people, and keeping them well and to remain active, with a greater sense of Work Life Balance.

The Costs
London School of Economics Value of Rude Health Report Royal Mail UK findings over a year long study on 94,000 absent through illness or sickness could be brought back to work more quickly with Health and Wellbeing Initiatives. This report is available at

Large numbers and indeed employees from smaller firms can be reached and encouraged to acquire the knowledge and skills of a healthy lifestyle.
Providing Work Place Health Facilities and Services brought back 3,600 back to work cutting absence by a quarter savings of £227 million in terms of direct costs (wages and benefits)


Duty of Care

Help is here for better staff retention and bottom lines. There is now more than ever a strong incentive to Companies to encourage all employees to take greater responsibilities for their own health.

With over twenty four years corporate and ( busy executive ) Lifestyle Online wellness coaching, I help reach and create facilities that help you to understand and simplify what we all thrive on ‘The Feel Good, The Feel Fitter and Healthier factor!’.


What helps you through a working week?

What helps you through a week looking for more work?


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Why tweet and follow?

Thursday, May 21st, 2009


I am being mentored on social media tweeting!  So my question to you all is this;

Do you or your clients need help with exercise, diet tools and motivation to kick old habits and improve self esteem?

If so what do you do to help yourself achieve these goals?
What ‘Wake Up call’ kick starts you into changing old habits?
Do you wait for your back/heart to fail before you take action?


What type of media helps you?

  • Tweeting
  • Internet
  • Virtual
  • Phone
  • Face to face
  • Presentation


Which would you choose?




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Getting a Grip

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Getting a Grip!

I joined the ‘world of car mechanics’ yesterday getting an Mot and having a punctured tyre fixed!
Writing most of the day off, I read instead. I spent time catching up reading interesting press articles!

Helping others to wittle away extra Body Fat is a large part of my work, so I wanted to front up this awful illness called Binge Eating, as courageously described and fought by the Monica Seles – Ace Tennis Player ‘ Her book ‘Getting To Grip’ is published by JR Books and out on May 28th

She describes how one day at the peak of her career, at the age of 17, she was knifed by an unbalanced, obsessed supporter of her fellow ace star tennis player, Steffi Graf. Shortly after this horrific incident her father died from cancer. It was these two tragic events, that tipped her emotionally. She found herself relying on Binge eating for comfort, ballooning from a size 8 to an 18. Her confidence and her self esteem in tatters. This illness is not gender selective. As she continues to describe her relationship with her ‘then boyfriend ( another Binge eater ) escalated her problem. The break up of this relationship eventually made her front up her ‘eating disorder.

It’s not until we front up our addictions do we look them squarely in the face and begin to recover..
Great results for her now are not about winning Wimbledon but having won back her self esteem and confidence in how she thinks, feels and looks!! Sexy, curvy and attractive A great read with a successful outcome.
‘Getting to Grip’ by Monica Seles – A great encouragement for so many people with eating disorders. Oh and getting into that LBD wink

Inactivity can trigger our brains to keep eating until we burst. We see several young teenagers refusing to eat or in the case of
diabetics to take their insulin, incase it makes them fat! Pressure to mimic ‘stick thin’ models and pressure to live up to incredible high standards, defies logic! Sometime through a static, inactive job you can convince yourself you feel hungry but you can’t hoodwink the weight/ stamina/age test equation.
Good self esteem and loving ourselves for who we really are, as opposed to striving to excel in reaching those ever increasing standards would be a good start Mehmet.
For others it’s to get a sensible perspective of good healthy weight and shape and making the most of our bodies, as opposed to being pre occupied. Finding a pursuit your passionate about and just Doing It! What does this Clip communicate? You are so beautiful

Getting a Grip! – another story!

Speaking to one young 21 year old Beautician earlier. She had lost 4 stone since January, by following a
Liteweight Dietary programme – Nutritional Shake Drinks,totalling 500 calories but part of the programme included
CBT. So many young peoples dietary problems and hiccups start from birth!! I work with real and actual weight problems,
so always look at the end result in motivational terms, as opposed to blindly following celebrity diets. One diet does not suit all!

I would not recommend a 500 Calorie Diet for Exercisers


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