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Let’s hear it for the Girls

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Business : Let’s hear it for the Girls?

by Carolyn WilliamsPowerNetworker on 29-Apr-09 10:34am
On the day Gordon Brown announces his Afghanistan plans – It’s Pink Ribbon Day for us here in South Wales!
Serving our Country abroad on active service

L/Cpl Amy Thomas, 20, a Royal Military Policewoman, has returned home to Port Talbot, South Wales after a six month tour on the frontline in Afghanistan. For two months she was with the Royal Marines of 42 Commando when she went on patrol and came under fire “all day and all night”

I watched her leave and so happy for her family she is back home safe!

Thanks and Be Awesome! For you especially Comic Relief

Let’s hear it for the Girls?


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Is anger affecting your health?

Sunday, April 26th, 2009
‘What is it about Marco – Hell’s Kitchen? Mmmm Unique, Magnetic, Crazy, transfixing wizard
I have been watching ‘Hells Kitchen’ all week – It’s addictive aaaaaaaargh!
Watching Marco reminds me of all the ‘Do and Dont’s’ about sitting relaxed and taking time over a delicious Meal!
Do you eat when your angry?
Do you sit down to eat a meal?.
Do you spend time in relaxed company?
Do you look at eating as an enjoyable way of exchanging fun and laughter between family and friends?
Celebrations in familes and making new friends, generally involve eating and drinking. So why not relax and enjoy food?
Eating when your relaxed and enjoying great company is a healthier option than eating when angry yes?

Top up on the Veggies – Try these alternative ‘Veggie buddies’
Carrots with coriander,
Tomatoes with basil,
Peas with mint wink
Peppers with Thyme,
Aubergine with oregano and ..
Leeks (Welsh ) of course with Rosemary or New Potatoes,
Cabbage with Dill and
Spinach with nutmeg.

Who would be top of your list sharing a gorgeous meal?


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Fess Update to Guru

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009


What calories? Calories – we used to get on so well!! Wayne’s Mr. Europe’s update – ‘Well Carolyn its been a nice week really – as well as dropping a healthy stone over the last month by better diet and more activity I’m feeling lighter already, half a stone to go and then I’l be where I need to be – the thing is with losing weight is the beer belly is the last thing to go, and its going but slowly, more crunches and press ups needed but I’m happy with my progress, a few lapses along the way but controlled – looking back the main thing has been cutting out the sheer amount of calories in relation to the beer – do you know i worked out I was probaly adding 5000 calories a week just by having a couple of beers everynight – scary when you think of it thats a 8.5 day week when it comes to eating!!

I know you havent given me a detailed plan or anything but just seeing your name gives me a little confidence to keep pushing, strange that – just a name provokes me into action!!

LifestyleOnline Work Life Balance – Then there is the otherside of the coin – the life part – Happy to report that this week was spent off spending sometime with my 2 girls and the misses (and the dog) and my week consisted of helping my 4 year old daughter with her school antartic project (and worked when she was in bed on it but shhh. dont want the teachers finding out)  A day at the kids fair in dymchurch (great for little little people.  A day at a kids farm and outside play area
A afternoon on the the canal with the girls and misses having a picnic whilst rowing the boat (got to work on my pecs as well – haha what pecs he says!) Wish Wish!!

A couple of days walking the dog in the hills with family and a few beers in beer garden just to counteract all my healthy living.

A Result – the realisation that the place I work is killing me and adding a whole load of stress that i dont need = Time to move on and up!! Still have massive designs on my own business as mentioned, but for now I need to get somewhere else and work it from there. Sometimes looking at yourself from the outside is the best thing you can do – it certainly has helped me

thats all for now my beautful life coach!! *although really its just your name  that makes me do things hee hee’

Tell us your calorie fess up?


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Networking at Cafe TwoCann

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

More about an exclusive ‘Invite Only’ Networking Event
At Cafe TwoCann


About Cafe TwoCann
Dennis and Catherine Cann opened in the prestigious Swansea waterfront development in April 2007. We are situated in one of the historic, original Dock buildings in the SA1 regeneration area. The building having been restored sympathetically, still keeps the feel of the old grain store but with very modern comforts.
Bringing a real continental feel to the SA1, we have outdoor seating overlooking the Award winning Sail Bridge and the Prince of Wales Dock, plus covered seating in the adjacent glass arcade.

Cafe TwoCann is a family run business, with proprietors Dennis and Catherine Cann taking local produce and Wines as well as specialist gifts to create a unique environment to dine, drink and shop.

Join me for this exclusive International Wellbeing, Networking
May 8th for 7pm at CafeTwoCann, Swansea.
Register Now for this event and meet my Guests, Victor Marques telling you about his latest Portuguese Vimeo Project
and Tanya Igic telling us about her Origin Prestigious Art and Craft Award Nomination

Bringing People and Businesses you like together.  Enjoy a relaxing weekend .

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Are you coming?

Monday, April 13th, 2009

! I love flying is that such a bad thing?
courtesy Leo Petrik

What recession? Ecademy is Alive!!

International Wellbeing, Networking Event 8th ’09
May 8th at CafeTwoCann, Swansea.
Register Now for this event.

Would love to meet you all in person.

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You are what you seek in Business

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009


We are what we seek!

What do you need to feel vibrant, positive, powerful?  UK News is asking the question ‘Why are so many people on anti depressants – and in particular Wales?  I thought I would add my expertise here in a series, following several earlier ones ie:  Wellbeing – The Malta Experience 2009 and Work versus relationships Blogs

Is a neurotransmitter that carries vital signals between brain cells, is involved in numerous central nervous system actions, such as the regulation of mood, sleep and appetite. Poor diet, lack of exercise, use of harmful substances such as caffeine or alcohol, and ongoing physical and emotional stress can depress the levels of serotonin your body makes, resulting in problems such as anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.  Banish apprehension by replacing negative thoughts with vivid mental images of yourself in the situation, feeling confident and relaxed. You will feel more empowered, instead of being at the mercy of fate.  Further reading on this topic The Mental Edge : Maximize Your Sports Potential With the Mind/Body Connection by Ken Baum, Richard Trubo

Philosophers have been telling us for centuries that the answers to everything we ever need to know can be found within us. This divine guidance is often experienced as ‘intuition’ or a ‘knowing’. By expanding our levels of knowledge and awareness we become empowered to change our attitudes and perceptions. The powerful influence of emotional well being can have upon everyone’s training and health is immeasurable. Many individuals who believe they embrace ‘fitness’ are, in truth, only seeing the tip of the iceberg as they focus their attention solely around physical exercise. Broadening one’s vision allows the depth and breadth of total fitness potentially to be fully explored.

Forgotten how to relax?
Good Breathing

Take some deep breaths and Smile for a while.

‘We fill our lives with so much “Doing” that we forget all about the most important thing, which is being in the here and now’ Learn to meditate through enjoying activities such as Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi.

Possibility Thinking.

This is a happiness workout.

Choose happiness. I feel a Heidi Heyn’s coming on here..

Happiness makes you feel good from the inside out.

Happiness is freely available in our hectic lifestyles. How often when you ask someone how they are their reply is ‘Could be better?’
Happy people have a magical aura that we are instinctively drawn to. True happiness cannot leave you. Children are often happy without a reason.

We can afford to relax and choose happiness now. This encourages the serotonin levels to rise, which promote a state of well-being and sustain our vitality. We are what we seek! Happiness is natural. Happiness is selfless. Imagine that whatever you want is right here.  This is the big picture. This is a happiness workout.

Here is a sunny thought ‘I am everything I seek ….I am everything I want to be’.  Make peace with yourself. Happiness is a gift to yourself in business and to your clients.



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