Sunday – How do you switch off?


The media are not in the Business of printing or highlighting Good News!!
 Over the past few weeks my Inbox, have included a few pm’s from friends, who have taken a sabbatical wink from ecademy, to focus on both their personal and business health. For me they are wise decisions. Then again yesterday, while shopping in Sainsbury (as you do ) I bumped into a successful business owner – someone, I had not seen for six years. We exchanged niceities – asking after our respective families and wellbeing. Then I asked him how his new business was standing up to the economy downturn? ‘Never been so busy or better’ was his reply, adding …’it’s true that for some businesses, it’s dire, whereas for others it’s much busier!!’

Focus on your Wellbeing and relax!


Relax your mind and body – Watch your tummy rise and fall with your breath. See if you can make room in your rib cage, then tummy for that rise and fall.

Remember watching your babies, checking to see if they are breathing?  What went wrong? Do we forget to breathe deeply and enjoy that relaxed feeling of warmth, and love. The type of love security brings?

Tides ebb and flow. Watch your incoming and out going breath get deeper the more you relax.  For the best night’s sleep, wind down with a bubble bath, candlelight and music, yoga, or a good book. Practice looking at your tummy before you fall asleep. You’ll be surprised how quickly you drift off and sleep better if your mind and body aren’t wound up.  If you exercise on the way home from the office, try reserving some relaxation ‘rise and fall’ breaths before you eat your evening meal.  Agreed, your health comes first!

Tell us how you switch off?



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3 Responses to “Sunday – How do you switch off?”

  1. Rob Abdul says:

    I have written 10 things I do when trying to switch off:

    1. Any urgent work, or chore that needs doing is dealt with first.

    2. I sit down and make plan what I have to do and set myself some targets. That way I tell myself it is out of your head and on that paper now.

    3. I will switch off my PC, Laptop, Notebook, Servers and put my hone off to a silent profile and leave it where I cannot reach it.

    4. Watch a documentary, on sky Discovery Channels, or better still watch the comedy channel. Family Guy makes me laugh so much, tears roll down my face.

    5. Or I may go and do some photography.

    6. I love reading books, I have many books on space, astronomy, neuroscience, spirituality, etc.

    7. I may write a poem, I do like writing poetry.

    8. I may meet friends, socialise.

    9. A good radox bath helps me switch off.

    10. Sleeping and dreaming.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Rob for sharing with us all your rituals 😉
    A great mistake many of us can make and that is we forget our hobbies
    and personal development, the busier we become!

    Lovely to read about your enjoyment in writing poetry and photography.

    Warm Wishes, Carolyn

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