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Hosting Two International Wellbeing Networking Events in May 8th/9th ’09

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Festive Wellbeing Networking Celebration

Promoting two Special Guests.

Victor “Wine/Olive” Oil Star” Marques
Tanya Igic

Then, why not join me for an idyllic Saturday May 9th 2009 at 4pm de stressing here Oldwalls, Gower

After years of planning and hard work Andrew and Simon Hole, two brothers, and friends of mine, opened this beautiful, new activity and leisure complex in Gower. A highly impressive and forward thinking venture with a high standard of accommodation, in keeping with the beautiful countryside throughout Gower- God’s Country!

I really would love you to meet you all in person.
Register Now your fee of 25.00 GPB using the PayPal button at the bottom of my website home page.

Accomodation – Oldwalls, Gower private en suite bedrooms £78 per night B&B and Cottages 2x Bedrooms or Farmhouse 4 x Bedrooms all on suite £120 per night B&B. This gives everyone a chance to book a private room or share a Cottage or share a Farmhouse King Arthur Hotel serves excellent daytime and evening meals

I hope you enjoy the Club. 



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What are we doing to our kids?

Monday, March 23rd, 2009


‘Every child deserves a happy childhood and the chance to grow and experience a full life’

So soon after enjoying being spoiled by my ‘grown up;’ daughter and her husband for ‘Mothers Day’ yesterday, and then reading these headlines ‘Calls from suicidal young and teenagers rising’ prompted me to write this Blog.

Calls from suicidal young rising 

The number of children in Wales calling a helpline with suicidal thoughts has risen four-fold in five years, a charity says.

Experts look to reduce bullying
The conference will examine successful methods of tackling bullying
Education professionals are meeting to look at ways of reducing bullying in Welsh schools. Delegates at the one-day conference in Cardiff will discuss new and existing initiatives to address anti-social behaviour.

On a personal note, I feel the years of experienced parenting to be the most valuable contribution I could give my two, as individuals in their own right and to society. For me and many other mums, it is my biggest achievement!! If you have a close bond with your children and like me, in addition, be lucky enough to be an experienced Educational Professional, you get to see the pressures ‘our young’ are facing today to achieve.

This topic has been discussed so many times by professional members through Blogs. Many members, work closely with young people. Technology alone, does not encourage youngsters to explore the wonders of Nature freely and subjects close to their hearts. These became known as field studies. Learning to cook and be able to deliver that ‘master dish’ to the table ( travelling miles to school on a bus) without spilling a drop, a miracle. Then the feeling of excited responsibility of roaming from field to concrete courts to play sports has been replaced by the fear of being sued. Religious Education became Moral Studies and of course, so many of the mathematics and scientific subjects, favoured by ‘the boys’, are now sought after by all. And yet the take up of women in IT in the UK, is at an all time low.

So how can we help our kids to feel the thrill of exploring the Big world, without bombarding them with more and more targets to achieve before they get to enjoy the excitement of one?

Children need to feel safe, loved and secure to learn through play and exploration
As responsible parents and professionals what is the answer? What do you say?



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Who am I?

Sunday, March 15th, 2009


I distinctly remember a Welsh Assembly Minister, arrive first thing one morning on the doorstep of our Cyber – Training Cafe.

This was a few years ago, prior to ‘Comic Relief’.  He had brought along a film crew, and wanted to have a ‘photo shoot’ inside this (then) up and coming Cyber Cafe. I opened up most mornings. This was a seven day a week Cyber Centre and he (the Welsh Assembly Minister) was waiting for me to open up.  He had no idea who I was and insisted I let him in first, so that he could have his ‘photo shoot’ sitting in front of his website on our computer screen.  So when I stopped him and asked the obvious and most sensible question, ‘Who are you’? he was quite ‘put out’ and repeated several times ‘Don’t you know who I am’? to which I quickly said ‘No, and it’s obvious you don’t know who I am’.

Anyway this brings me to the punch line ….’Who am I?’

I am Carolyn Williams – Lifestyle Trainer/Mentor and online

I facilitate improved lifestyle habit programmes that re-energise a corporate workforce. I help new start-ups and busy entrepreneurs get creative to improve their mental and physical strength to increase business using social media. Since 1989 I have been invited to present body language, customer care and focus for business presentation/ workshops for The Chamber of Commerce, BNI, Momentum (a business network for Health Care owners) Old Style Black Star Day for Ecademy members and the Liquid List, a resettlement network for members of our armed forces wishing to leave.


Focus For Business  This presentation workshop is aimed at new start- ups, trainers, therapists or anyone wishing to change career.


Focus For Business


In April 2011 I started the Cardiff Boardroom to attract business owners who thrive on challenges, driving the plans implementing and reaping the rewards.  To help motivate people in business I invite ‘key’ influential people for café style conversations at Miskin Manor Hotel, Cardiff. My last guests were:  Mr Warren Gatland, Wales and Lions Rugby Head Coach, Mr Julian Wilde-Davies, Group Director at GIAS-LIBYA and Mr Andrew Field, Director for Zenith Distributors in Zimbabwe.

Stay focussed, contact


Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams

Moving minds, helping you to focus for business


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Work versus relationships

Thursday, March 12th, 2009


Work versus Relationships – Lifestyle mentoring

Focusing on making better lifestyle changes challenges us to commit to new methods.  Find out how to front up to old and annoying habits. Old habits hold you back.  When I mentor a new business client, I look at their work life balance.  I also look at their lifestyle in a well-being sense. I give them a questionnaire to fill out, which helps them to focus on specific areas of their health, this includes their health status, fitness, relaxation, eating habits and sleep patterns.

We then take a look at their work life and how they divide their time between home and work. Please take a look at these categories.  Be absolutely honest with yourself about how much time you spend on each. This is a useful exercise to help you focus on which parts of our life, need the most attention.

Business / Career
Family and Friends
Personal Growth
Physical Environment
Romance/Significant other
Fun and recreation

My business mentoring looks at what areas may be neglected by focusing too much attention on one or two areas of our daily tasks. Encouraging individuals or companies to become aware of a work life balance can improve the quality of both.

Do you think this would help you and your family members?



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Networking and Netwalking Time

Monday, March 9th, 2009


2008 witnessed a 40% increase of national and international presence and surpassed all the initial expectations of its organization. The space was filled in with the finest selection of the most important Portuguese companies of the following sectors: wines, soft drinks, fish and seafood, livestock, dairy products, confectionery, fruits, vegetables, organic products, etc. Vitoria koi wines were there with M.cunha, since in just two and a half days Victor was in contact with the main deciders of the 400 biggest Portuguese companies of the food and beverage sector.Victor materialized business deals in order to guarantee representation and promotion of Douro valley wines and products in the markets that he represented based on competitive advantages and quality of Vitoria koi products.
Vitoria koi has been growing and Victor seeks importers for wines, olive oil, honey, jams, and Portuguese traditional products and lately with frozen food for catering.. Vitoria koi promotes Portugal and Douro Valley in a very strong and powerful manner: tourism in Flor do Monte Hotel and with Barca Douro on the river Douro.Come and network with Victor in person at My International Wellbeing Networking Event on May 8th, at CafeTwoCann, 7pm, J Shed,Swansea Waterfront, Swansea and at Oldwalls, Gower on Saturday, May 9th 4pm, where you can net walk with myself and Victor Wine/Foods/Olive’ Oil Star’ Marques. who will be main Guest, along with Tanya Igic


Victor “Wine/Olive” Oil Star” Marques
Tanya Igic


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Sunday – How do you switch off?

Sunday, March 8th, 2009


The media are not in the Business of printing or highlighting Good News!!
 Over the past few weeks my Inbox, have included a few pm’s from friends, who have taken a sabbatical wink from ecademy, to focus on both their personal and business health. For me they are wise decisions. Then again yesterday, while shopping in Sainsbury (as you do ) I bumped into a successful business owner – someone, I had not seen for six years. We exchanged niceities – asking after our respective families and wellbeing. Then I asked him how his new business was standing up to the economy downturn? ‘Never been so busy or better’ was his reply, adding …’it’s true that for some businesses, it’s dire, whereas for others it’s much busier!!’

Focus on your Wellbeing and relax!


Relax your mind and body – Watch your tummy rise and fall with your breath. See if you can make room in your rib cage, then tummy for that rise and fall.

Remember watching your babies, checking to see if they are breathing?  What went wrong? Do we forget to breathe deeply and enjoy that relaxed feeling of warmth, and love. The type of love security brings?

Tides ebb and flow. Watch your incoming and out going breath get deeper the more you relax.  For the best night’s sleep, wind down with a bubble bath, candlelight and music, yoga, or a good book. Practice looking at your tummy before you fall asleep. You’ll be surprised how quickly you drift off and sleep better if your mind and body aren’t wound up.  If you exercise on the way home from the office, try reserving some relaxation ‘rise and fall’ breaths before you eat your evening meal.  Agreed, your health comes first!

Tell us how you switch off?



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Fess Up Time

Saturday, March 7th, 2009


Do you remember this Guy?

I was told I put the important question on the table, and that your posts merely provided a partial answer. So here are a
few I had on weight loss this week. Mario posted ‘But yes i think diet is the root ~ people keep eating hearty food as if they were going to work the land’

Then Wayne messaged me ‘Hello Carolyn just thought Id drop you a line as its friday and its a little sunnier than usual if not a bit bloody cold.Fess up time, i havent filled the sheet out yet on my drinking habits im going to do it next week. As im offically “off the beers” for a bit you wont see the sweet nectar consumption of old – which is already doing me a world of good
Calories – we used to get on so well!!

Carolyn’s reply ….
‘Great Wayne! It is you who have all the answers to shedding the excess!!
It’s back to the Caveman Hunter exercises, or eating ‘only enough’ to work on the…laptop’

It may help to fill in Your 7 Day Exercise, Food and Fluid sheet ( you can find a copy on my Wellbeing and the Inch loss Club)

His farewell reply was ‘catch you after the weekend me love’

‘Yes Wayne, you will’
Here’s to feeling so much better!!


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After the Snow – Cafe TwoCann

Thursday, March 5th, 2009


Another ‘work of art’ beautiful jewellery designed by Tanya Igic
Her latest, most popular designer piece from her ‘After the Snow’ collection.
It comes in both long and short version and with a necklace. This designer piece, is one of her most popular
collection range and has featured in Vogue, Bridesmaid, and Irish Wedding magazines ’08

You can talk to Tanya in person, to find out more about her ( a clever young ‘family centred’ designer ) and see more of her beautiful designer jewellery, at My International Wellbeing Networking Event  on May 8th, at CafeTwoCann, 7pm, J Shed,Swansea Waterfront, Swansea

Tanya will be my main Guest, along with Victor Wine/Foods/Olive’ Oil Star’ Marques.
If you would like to add a touch of glamour to your day and learn more about her designer pieces, please log onto

Carolyn Williams promoting two special Guests

Victor “Wine/Olive” Oil Star” Marques
Tanya Igic
I hope you enjoy the Club, Carolyn Club Leader


Look out for the next International Event, in Portugal with Victor on 13th and 14th June ’09,

What makes you different?

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What is your secret?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009


Following my 2 Questions Blog on Monday
We summed up saying ‘Real Wealth comes from Real Choices for Better Health!’
Why not tell us your secret ‘fun way’ of keeping ‘in shape’ for both your Business and Personal Health?


Carolyn, Here every day!

Keeping you fighting fit for your business
Carolyn Williams, ‘Club Leader’ Wellbeing International Club


2 Questions

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Business : 2 Questions

by Carolyn WilliamsPowerNetworker on 2-Mar-09 10:14am
Do you think that the pharmaceutical companies who control our health plus the economic downturn, through politics, are
continuing to crucify this country? And my next question, which for me is far more important. What is it that we in ecademy
can do do to re address this spiralling scenario?

Keeping you fighting fit for your business