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Our Work Life Balance.

Now this little Guy, is two today!! As a family, we have been well and truly mesmerised by this good looking, young pup called Louis! For the past two years I have been puppy sitting and training this King Charles spaniel, who thinks he’s a rabbit!
For me this is Work Life Balance at its BEST!!

If you get yourself a puppy spaniel, who thinks he’s a rabbit and a golfer. You become endearing to people you have never met and even to golfers!! Nothing lazy about this little chappie!! He even sits to watch a cracking game of Rugby! wink
Your more focused on your reflexes, your communication skills, and you get out to those parks, beaches, sea side even golf links you normally would not frequent. You even connect with strangers talking ‘puppy gobble de gook’
I don’t play golf but I have had some fun moments finding so many Taylor Made golf balls on the links……

What’s your Work Life Balance?

Happy Birthday Louis

Carolyn x

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