Wales! Wales! Wales!

Wales! Wales! Wales! 

Forever learning I started my Cambridge IT studies at Swansea College in 1999.
I had followed the Welsh Assembly criteria on whether Wales would vote for a Rugby Stadium
versus the Millenium Opera House!
Inorder to liven up my static keyboard, for my Desk Top exam, I chose The World Rugby Cup 1999, as the topic for
my final work. In searching for marketing material for my exam folder, these were some of the frames I selected, which alas! crashed the College IT network!! Opps!

1999 World Cup: Australia again

For the second consecutive World Cup New Zealand’s Jonah Lomu torments England with a try in a 30-16 win#

Jonah Lomu

Colin Charvis

Lawrence Dallaglio 

and of course not forgetting ..

Wales star Shane Williams


Enjoy the frames! Courtesy of Huw Evans BBC Sport News


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