Networking Spring is Here!!!! A Dialogue

Networking Spring is Here!!!! A Dialogue [ Business : ]

Carolyn writes,

‘Helllllllo Sadie Thanks for being attentive, reading my blogs and pm’s. Can you tell me how these help you, maybe write something that smacks of..hummm …read these e- mails, I just had in from two male ecads first? ……

Hi Carolyn

‘I am not so much stressed but very busy, you will be pleased to know I am fitting in time for a bit of exercise and yoga, (Just back from a bike ride now), but with all of the projects I have on the go at present I have to be very disciplined to fit everything in! Lets hope it all pays off in the end and my 4X4X4, can commence on schedule.’ and another goes like this’ …

‘The switch in my head for fitness finally turned on again in dramatic fashion. 1hr on the tread mill yesterday and ready for more!’

‘So Sadie, can you help me give these messages some wellie?!!’ Which contacts give you the zest for more and why?

Sadie’s reply..

Hello dear friend…here is what I am thinking….

“I am always grateful for my Caroline “fix! There are just some people in life that you remember the day they came into your life and over time you understand and appreciate why they did. Carolyn you are one of those people. When I see a message from you I skip over everything to get to it because I know it will make me SMILE, a kind word, an embedded winking smiley, an flower and just seeing your “smashing” smile!

Many times, I go to an old message, or look for your latest blog; humorous and uplifting! So much like Penny is the “Heart”, William the “North Star”, Thomas the quintessential “Prophet” then you dear Carolyn are the “Beacon” for Ecademists! Thank you!”


Can you give this even more wellie?…




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