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Networking Spring is Here!!!! A Dialogue

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Networking Spring is Here!!!! A Dialogue [ Business : ]

Carolyn writes,

‘Helllllllo Sadie Thanks for being attentive, reading my blogs and pm’s. Can you tell me how these help you, maybe write something that smacks of..hummm …read these e- mails, I just had in from two male ecads first? ……

Hi Carolyn

‘I am not so much stressed but very busy, you will be pleased to know I am fitting in time for a bit of exercise and yoga, (Just back from a bike ride now), but with all of the projects I have on the go at present I have to be very disciplined to fit everything in! Lets hope it all pays off in the end and my 4X4X4, can commence on schedule.’ and another goes like this’ …

‘The switch in my head for fitness finally turned on again in dramatic fashion. 1hr on the tread mill yesterday and ready for more!’

‘So Sadie, can you help me give these messages some wellie?!!’ Which contacts give you the zest for more and why?

Sadie’s reply..

Hello dear friend…here is what I am thinking….

“I am always grateful for my Caroline “fix! There are just some people in life that you remember the day they came into your life and over time you understand and appreciate why they did. Carolyn you are one of those people. When I see a message from you I skip over everything to get to it because I know it will make me SMILE, a kind word, an embedded winking smiley, an flower and just seeing your “smashing” smile!

Many times, I go to an old message, or look for your latest blog; humorous and uplifting! So much like Penny is the “Heart”, William the “North Star”, Thomas the quintessential “Prophet” then you dear Carolyn are the “Beacon” for Ecademists! Thank you!”


Can you give this even more wellie?…




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Work Life Balance

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Work Life Balance [ Social : ]

Our Work Life Balance.

Now this little Guy, is two today!! As a family, we have been well and truly mesmerised by this good looking, young pup called Louis! For the past two years I have been puppy sitting and training this King Charles spaniel, who thinks he’s a rabbit!
For me this is Work Life Balance at its BEST!!

If you get yourself a puppy spaniel, who thinks he’s a rabbit and a golfer. You become endearing to people you have never met and even to golfers!! Nothing lazy about this little chappie!! He even sits to watch a cracking game of Rugby! wink
Your more focused on your reflexes, your communication skills, and you get out to those parks, beaches, sea side even golf links you normally would not frequent. You even connect with strangers talking ‘puppy gobble de gook’
I don’t play golf but I have had some fun moments finding so many Taylor Made golf balls on the links……

What’s your Work Life Balance?

Happy Birthday Louis

Carolyn x

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Beautiful Rugby!!!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Beautiful Rugby!!! [ Carolyn WilliamsPowerNetworker ] [ 25-Feb-09 10:02am ]

France v Wales is probably the match that will produce the most beautiful rugby of the Six Nations

Tough Quality Rugby. Living with the expectations!

‘Although not quite at his ferocious best in the loose at the Millennium Stadium against England, Ryan Jones’ leadership skills are growing by the game. The Wales skipper kept his troops calm as England tried to turn the screw, and was a tremendously reliable option in the line-out. “It was the best I have heard him speak in the changing room before the game.” Wales coach Warren Gatland on Jones’ pre-match team-talk’. He is more demanding of himself.

Halfpenny has been transformed from an unknown to an established Welsh international in his first professional season
The Swansea-born player revealed he thought his rugby career “was over” when he was released by his home region the Ospreys in 2007.
And Twinkle Toes – Shane Williams is declared fit!! All this on my door step!! How lucky am I??

Which of the 6 Nations Rugby games excites you the most?

Vive Wales! Wales! Wales!!


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Wales! Wales! Wales!

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Wales! Wales! Wales! 

Forever learning I started my Cambridge IT studies at Swansea College in 1999.
I had followed the Welsh Assembly criteria on whether Wales would vote for a Rugby Stadium
versus the Millenium Opera House!
Inorder to liven up my static keyboard, for my Desk Top exam, I chose The World Rugby Cup 1999, as the topic for
my final work. In searching for marketing material for my exam folder, these were some of the frames I selected, which alas! crashed the College IT network!! Opps!

1999 World Cup: Australia again

For the second consecutive World Cup New Zealand’s Jonah Lomu torments England with a try in a 30-16 win#

Jonah Lomu

Colin Charvis

Lawrence Dallaglio 

and of course not forgetting ..

Wales star Shane Williams


Enjoy the frames! Courtesy of Huw Evans BBC Sport News


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That is what top players are all about – if you can handle that…

Saturday, February 14th, 2009


The English press always speak a different language to the rest of the world don’t they, with the arrogance they’ve got I watched religiously, how hard JJ Williams and some of his fellow great welsh players, trained in the 70’s I would, as I was studying at Cardiff College, at the same time, overlooking the athletics track. Lynn Davies, gold medallist, track coach and PE lecturer would time JJ’s  100 and 200 sprints!!

Being a spectator and a avid Welsh Rugby fan, I treasure the memories of those 70’s Welsh matches. My father, then President of the Welsh Rugby Youth, would have committee meetings in the Angel Hotel, before the international games. My insight into what goes on, before the crowd descend on Cardiff’s St Mary Street.  Today as Wales face England, I shall be home in North Gower, watching it on large screen, as my daughter takes that nostalgic trip to watch the match, with her husband plus a night’s stay at the Angel Hotel. Wales’s wing the great JJ Williams says ‘the current side must learn to live with the new pressure of being favourites’. England arrives in Cardiff on Saturday for their Six Nations clash, with odds on Wales winning overwhelmingly high. “When you are favourites, it brings its own pressures on itself you know,” Williams, who won 30 caps for Wales in their 1970s heyday, told Scrum V Radio. “We were under enormous pressure even though we were the favourites because we were scared to lose.” Wales, as defending champions and Grand Slam holders, are understandably favourites, but some bookmakers have their odds as low as 1/5 favourites to beat England. “Of course that then motivated us and that is what top players are all about – if you can handle that pressure.”


14 February Kick-off: 1730 GMT Venue: Millennium Stadium What a memorable day it’s going to be.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



All we want is to be loved – Loving the bubbles and sharing them!


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1987 Forever Learning

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
Joe Cocker – Unchain My Heart  [1987]

During the year this hit song was released by Joe Cocker, I had decided to travel, from my cosy home in Swansea by Great Western to join the YMCAfit Training and Development department, based on the ground floor of the London Central YMCA Hotel ( then ) on Tottenham Court road. My decison was made having had a direct invite from their Directors (then) Rodney Cullum and Lesley Mowbray, to promote their accreditation courses to South Wales.   Their ‘Teaching the Teachers’ book and training modules had been devised in conjunction with Loughborough University, Sport Science Department. This book still has pride of place on my book shelf.

Robin Cargrave is now Director of this truly amazing training department.

In 1987 I had decided to leave the world of teaching in a comprehensive system and adult education. For me Llandeilo Grammar had shaped my future alongside the YMCA.

My goal of course   was to set the ‘world alight’ with exercise and to music. From then on ( and well before, really ) my love affair with music deepened. In order to pass your exams you had to listen to beats and create a ‘holistic – health related’  workout to music. I studied ‘circuits ‘ choreographed  to music, then  weights done in silence 🙂 but my foot would still tap!. Then of course relaxation to music.  I then went on to study with the West Glamorgan health authority and later the Health Care Unit at Swansea University to pursue stress management and counseling qualifications. Forever learning!

2014  my attic is crammed with records, cassettes and CD’s and yet more training modules.  Music even today, unchains my heart. It is a huge part of my coaching life, either warming up, working out (on ) and most definitely winding down..

What were you doing in 1987?
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