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To brighten up these freezing, cold winter days following the christmas celebrations, I wanted to highlight this lovely ‘ work of art’
designed by Tanya Igic a beautiful lady I invited to join ecademy recently.
Getting to know Tanya better over a few ‘one to one’ meetings and travelling with her to Marlborough before
Christmas, I began to learn what went on ‘behind the scenes’ in making her jewellery different.
What makes Tanya’s jewellery quite different in my view, is Tanya herself. Her beauty, her style, her charm.
A unique, family loving Business lady.

On May 8th, I am hosting an International Wellbeing Networking Event at CafeTwoCann in Swansea SA1 and
Tanya will be my main Guest along with Victor Wine/Foods/Olive’ Oil Star’ Marques.
If you would like to add a touch of glamour to your day and learn more about her designer pieces, please log onto www.tanyaigic.com

What makes you different?
Enjoy and 


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Carolyn Williams Club Leader Wellbeing International Victor Healthy Wine/Foods/Olive’ Oil Star’ Marques Club

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