Squeezing Balls


Its 4am and my throbbing right frozen shoulder woke me up again, despite having had a cortisone injection.
I am trying to balance the amount of activity with rest. I rested my arm over Christmas then my doctor
gave me a warning of ‘ you have to keep some movement in it – Squeeze one of those squeezy balls.
Since then I have been squeezing balls!! No smuttiness there please. Well okay, just a titter then.

I type with my left hand and I make loads of mistakes but hey, like Ann Godridge told us in her Power of belief blog, I am doing it!
I wrote my Do it Blog on January 5th, as I self motivate and others despite the incredible pain on times. Why? I can do it and I can learn
to balance things and use my left hand, despite the incredible mistakes I am making.

In view of this incapacity I thought I would give credit to this report.

January Blues

‘Dr Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University has calculated that Monday 22nd January is ‘the worst day of the year’ using six factors: weather, debt, time since Christmas, time since failing new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and the feeling of a need to take action’

So I am trying to find the balance between doing it and resting it. By golly! for someone as energetic as I am, it’s a  test!
I ask that you be Gentle with me and forgive the mistakes. I am blogging about this, as I hope it helps someone.



Carolyn Williams, helping you to re-energise for your business.

Breathing for business. I mentor business people and help them improve their focus, energy and clarity for new business.





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