Wellbeing Versus Wealth – A Balance

‘The central political challenge of our times.”
DAVID CAMERON will tell business leaders today that there is “more to life than money” as he attempts to make a clean break with Thatcherism.
He will tell business leaders that “general wellbeing” is more important than personal wealth and will list beautiful surroundings, culture and better relationships as society’s new goals’

As a result of this indepth reply from Amanda Vlahakis post, I have responded to her views and here are some of my answers

Amanda said No one is raising the children any more because the government has got everyone chasing money instead.Other Europeans don’t work so hard, so why is it that we are finding that we have to work so hard? Why do they have the time to ‘live’ and ‘contribute’ more than just money to the world, and we do not? There must be another way and when we aren’t working we should be nurturing our children (who are the fabric of the society of the future) and being better citizens ourselves within our own communities.How can we do any of that at the moment, we don’t have any time?’

Madeleine Bunting’s Book called ‘ Willing Slaves’ describes how the Overwork Culture is ruling our lives in Britain.

Wealth – Obviously, most people equate having more money with feeling better, since more money means more luxuries,
more time for recreation, leisure, holidays. More money means a better quality of life, Because of our in-built quest for progress, by which I mean ‘bigger, better, more’, we have an unavoidable desire to increase our quality of life, and the best way to do that in the world today is by earning more money.

There is a constant battle to adapt and survive, anyone who is content to sit back and relax face being odd or left behind even?
It is this fundamental desire for a higher quality of life, this in-built desire for progress which never goes away, even with progress. People will always want more, even if they have all they need to live comfortably. When your wealthier your then faced with how should we invest the money? This current economic climate has blasted that plan well and truly out of the water.

Franck Peters wrote ‘well-being, like charity, begins at home. It is down to the individual, no government can help. The greatest influence starts at home and maybe in local councils, committee work. If you look at the transition town scene, then, those are good signs and good steps – with clever marketing when these towns are mentioned in popular programs such as the Archers so that the message begins to spread. I don’t remember, even from a perspective of looking at the UK from the outside, any mention of a national government.  Only when this has established at a grass roots level, will politicians on a national level begin to listen – because they fear loss of votes and with that, loss of power’

Governments fear the loss of votes? And for me seeing desperate young ‘failed’ teenagers, worn out mums and dads and several stressed out executives on a daily basis, the reality of this quest for ‘better and bigger’ is all too real.

Please add your comments if you have a different dimension or perception?

What does well-being mean to you?  These are timely questions.


“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher” – Oprah Winfrey

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3 Responses to “Wellbeing Versus Wealth – A Balance”

  1. Franck Peters says:

    When people ask for education, they normally mean something more than mere training, something more than mere knowledge and something more than mere diversion, Maybe, they themselves connot formulate precisely, what they are looking for, but I think, what they are looking for, are ideas that would make the world and their own lives intelligible to them.

    From “Small is beautiful” by Ernst Friedrich Schuhmacher (1911-1977)



  2. Amanda Vlahakis says:

    It has also been suggested that being overworked is part of the reason why our culture is dissolving into mass weekend binge drinking. Interviews and polls have suggested that the reason given by people for drinking to excess is ‘feeling stressed after work’ and the end of a working week.

    People would find it easier to manage their stress levels without alcohol if those stress levels weren’t so very high – and they don’t even have much time spare to deal with their stress levels in other less harmful ways such as exercise for instance … which is time consuming activity.

    I agree that financial security is important, but feel that society has become clouded in it’s judgement of what is sufficient financial security. In addition money management in many is very poor (which is what has led to the credit crunch) and thus the amount of money will make for ‘financially secure’ for one family, may equate to ‘struggling’ for another simply due to their inability to manage their money well and effectively.

    We’ve lived on quite low amounts of money (for a family with a big mortgage that is!) very comfortably before … such as when we decided 7yrs ago I was giving up work to stay at home with the kids and we halved our income.

    Yet I hear some people saying they would struggle to cope on the same amount of money and have heard them expressing concern about ‘how we will cope on this money’. I know for a fact they wouldn’t need to struggle at all on that sort of money with the sort of mortgage they have because I’ve done it myself – they perhaps don’t know how to manage their money very well and hence would struggle. It’s very easy to waste money.



  3. Justin Farrel says:

    Great article, Carolyn.
    I agree that it’s an important issue that you have been writing about. Have you seen some of the ecademy profiles where people mention ’emotional wealth’? To me this means being able to appreciate and enjoy the quality of life in a non-material sense. But to experience this, having a secure income from employment or self employment etc is important – a means to an end?
    English Lake District
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