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Get off our Butts and Do something!

Saturday, December 6th, 2008
Motivational Speak! ‘If you aren’t having fun you’re doing it wrong’
I listened first thing to Alan Stevens, media coach radio tape on Vinny Verelli – Tony Soprano of Motivation”
His snappy 2 points for sorting out negativity was…
  • Get off your Butt
  • And Do something

This is exactly what the 10 minute Gym programme, introduced by the YMCA ‘teaching the teachers’ training programmes, initiated in the States wanted to achieve. Fitting in a fast circuit to suit ‘Busy’ working lives.

‘Getting people off their Butts to Do something’ is what we Fitness Professionals having being Doing for years.
Now that could be conceived as physical but believe you me after three days training ‘ one to ones’ in woodland and icy coastland (this week) it certainly sharpens the mind and spirit! I suppose I got a glimpse of what my son experienced during his peak ‘P’Company Para trooping training. We are not all paratroopers but you could say in this latest economic climate, we would do well to understand this mental and physical discipline and ‘get off our Butts and Do something’

Thank you Alan, I really enjoyed listening to Vinny and your good self.

My jazzy black Fitness Professional T’shirt had a slogan across the front, in neon yellow that said…..

‘Too Much Fun for One!’

And here’s another one for 2010

‘If you aren’t having fun you’re doing it the wrong!’


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Friday, December 5th, 2008

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