How effective are you?


I was thrilled with my latest ecademy Testimonial this morning. It was different in as much the gentleman clearly said I have an influence over the wellbeing of other Employees in another Country, namely Germany.
Now my dad would have been grinning from ear to ear. Why? As a WW2 RAF pilot his plane was shot down and it crashed.
Dad suffered several fractures of his spine and countless other injuries. Needless to say he suffered traumas, as did countless other servicemen. While ‘in rehab’ he decided he would become a youth leader and from then on ran youth exchanges between the young people of South Wales and Southern Germany. A very forward thinking man post war in the 50’s and 60’s

This pro active ecademy blogger provoked my ‘Are you on my Radar? Blog. So I was delighted to hear I was on his radar and even more so at the back of his head, primarily (according to him) we try do do the same thing albeit from different angles and a different focus. He felt the word focus was actually really bad – it implied such a narrow vision, where as well being and communication are such all encompassing fields and when you look for the common denominators

So, yes, I received a very welcomed compliment ‘ there is inspiration coming from you, your thoughts and words and it flows right through and reaches the thoughts of several employees of a company in Germany’.
A wonderful testimony that my blogs are influencing the wellbeing of other Employees in another Country.

I will finish on a quality note by adding a few lines from his profile

‘Oh and how do we charge for our services? Let me answer that in the following way: In Antal Szerb’s novel “Journey by Moonlight” there is a wonderful passage about living in Rome. Being in Rome doesn’t cost a penny, or does experiencing Rome, breathing its history, seeing the buildings, the sky, and the trees. It doesn’t cost a penny to be happy and to enjoy the experience. It is the “other” things that cost money, the accommodation, the restaurants, the clothing, and all the tangible things. The espresso costs money. However, the experience of drinking it is free. And if it is a good espresso, it is priceless the espresso costs money. However, the experience of drinking it is free. And if it is a good espresso, it is priceless’.

Being on ecademy clearly influences employees in other Countries. Thank you ecademy.

How effective is your service? How effective are you?

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