Are you on my Radar?

 sunset at radar tukon by adlaw

It’s Monday and are you on my Wellbeing radar?
Where have all those well-meaning Contacts disappeared? The Mile High and Mile Wide fills up
the Gaps of all those who connected with me when I first joined ecademy.

Being disciplined in the Value adds to my unique selling point. I spring clean my Contact list every Monday, clearing out the debris, any surplus that takes up too much room. I look at my list and decide who relates well, who hears the true value message of preventative health care? Do my contacts practice wellbeing at Home and in the Work Place? Do my contacts have a pastime, a sport, or walk to the shops or cycle to work or indeed SMILE at someone new on a Monday?

I take ownership of my health, a very wise thing in my mind given the near to bursting abscess of the NHS. It’s so much fun having More energy to be on someone else’s radar. It’s so much More fun to be picked up on someone else’s radar on ecademy. It so much More fun to have fun with likeminded energetic, passionate members who truly love their work.

Being on other members energy radar also means you pick up Black Star flash adverts, as I did this morning. I picked up on Emma James BS Spot and admired her flash logo. It yelled out ‘This is who I am and I love my work, my brand, my logo’

Have you picked up on someone’s radar lately?


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