A Gavin and Stacey Nite

Popping out for some tonic.

Last night was one of those Gavin and Stacey nights.  I had cleaned (and my fridge) as best as I could. Then my neighbour ( having returned from Leicester for christmas called me around at  7pm to ask me to pop in saying ‘I have your xmas pressie here for you’.  With good intention, I had kept her pressie neatly wrapped under my tree. I add the extra bit of info that I am ‘popping out’  for some tonic, to go with a Bombay Sapphire pressie and indeed four hours later, I got back.  Although in true Christmas spirit, she was collected to join us in the meantime.
There seemed to be a run on tonic from most of my local stores. On route home, I bump into my son Rhys and son in law and other neighbours, who frog march me to the nearest pub. They were in good spirits having had grand seats plus food and drinks’ to watch the Ospreys V Scarlet’s.  The banter between them was about a young fan (in the tunnel) coming up to my son ( thinking he was an Osprey player ) to ask for his autograph. My son politely tells the young fan, he was not a player and then turns around to get his photo taken with James Hook (for those who don’t know him – alternates with Stephen Jones, as fly half for Wales and is a very popular public choice.
James Hook
220px-Rugby_World_Cup_2007_James_Hook (1)
The rest of the evening is spent …taking the proverbial out of Rhys on playing for the Ospreys and a Pics with Jamie!’

The up shot was, I left my place at 8pm for some tonic and return to find a large bottle of tonic left (from a kind neighbour) at 1am.
Not to mention the gins in between. It can only happen around ‘our way!’





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